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Monday 13 May

10:00-10:15   Welcome:
10:15-13:00   Plenary sessions
    Chair: R. Leemans
10:15-11:15   - Introduction on Future Earth:
M. Visbeck:
Future Earth Research for Global Sustainability
S. Wilson:
Future Earth Implementation - Engagement, Governance, Secretariat, Programme and project transition, Funding and activities
H. Hackmann
A Changing Global Environment for Science
11:15-12:00   - Sustainable Development Goals and Europe:
G. Glaser: Science and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
J. Wejchert: A decent life for all - Ending poverty and giving the world a sustainable future
L. Tubiana:
12:00-13:00   - Round Table on Global Environmental Change Science:
G. Mace: Biodiversity and ecosystems: Opportunities and challenges for Future Earth research
C. Le Quere: Earth System Interactions including Humans
A. Dahan: Humanities and Social Sciences in the new framing of Future Earth
14:15-16:10   3 breakout sessions on a first set of questions
    The added value of Future Earth for European Research: fears and expectations?
    - Disciplinary versus transdisciplinary
- Given the framework presented, how could Future Earth contribute to existing research priorities in Europe?
- What kind of new research activities would you like to see conducted within Future Earth in Europe?
- What kind of outreach or other activities would you like to see conducted within Future Earth in Europe?
- What would success look like for Future Earth in Europe? What would success indicators be?
16:45-18:15   Plenary sessions
- Reports from Breakout sessions Day 1
Report from group A
Report from group B
Report from group C
- Conclusions of Day 1: R. Leemans

Tuesday 14 May

08:45-10:00   Plenary sessions
    Chair: M.-L. Chanin
    - Transdisciplinary and co-design:
X. Leroux:
Towards synergies between Future Earth and key actors of the European Research Area - Benefiting from their skills to promote international integration, transdisciplinarity and co-design
J. Ingram:
GECAFS - Reflections on stakeholder engagement
10:20-11:50   - Coordinating GEC research at national level:
D. Wilhemsson: A Swedish meeting point and gateway for Global Environmental Change Research
M. Visbeck:
German Committee Future Earth
Ch. Ritz:
Are national initiatives the key to Future Earth's success?
H. Le Treut:
Global changes, climate services and multidisciplinarity: some aspects of the relevant research in France
N. Lourenço:
European Alliance of Global Change Research Committee: Goals and Strategy
T. Suni:
The Pan-Eurasian Experiment – an Arctic and boreal regional node for Future Earth?
12:00-15:30   3 Breakout sessions on a second set of questions
    How could Future Earth be implemented in Europe?
    - What infrastructure already exists and what is needed to promote and coordinate Future Earth within the European Research Area?
- How to build on existing activities in Europe in areas such as data, education, capacity building, communication, interface with stakeholders, etc. to develop further transdisciplinary research on GEC issues?
- What could be the form and functions of the European regional node of Future Earth and its interfaces with European Commission and Member States?
  Plenary sessions
- Funding and resources perspectives:
A. Tilche:
Horizon 2020
P. Monfray
: Funding issues and (some) perspectives
- Reports from Breakout sessions Day 2
Report from group D
Report from group E
Report from group F
- Wrap-up and homework: H. Le Treut