WCRP Regional Climate Workshop: Facilitating the production of climate information and its use in impact and adaptation work


The workshop will focus on the research priorities for facilitating the production and use of regional to local climate change information in adaptation and risk management.

The three main objectives of the workshop are:

1) To facilitate and promote a unifying vision and approach at regional climate research as a mean for more interaction between IPCC WGI and WGII in this area of investigation,

2) To find a common ground between the providers of regional climate information and the user of this information for impacts studies,

3) To provide a unique opportunity for WCRP to advance science for regional downscaling and climate information: methods and validation.

The programme of the workshop includes the following 5 themes:

1) Simulations of regional climate variability and change: Present and future prospects for delivering information to support impact and adaptation work

2) Regional climate change : Requirements and ability to deliver

3) Generation and use of regional/local climate information

4) Representation and interpretation of uncertainties in regional climate projections/predictions

5) Key information gaps: research needs to close such gaps


In order to facilitate in depth discussions to identify key research topics and due to limitation in size of conference facilities, this workshop is by invitation only.