List of Documents


 Session 1: Simulating regional climate variability and change: Present and future prospects for delivering information to support impact and adaptation work.


The present ability of coupled GCMs to simulate large-scale modes of variability influencing regional climates over tropical regions

B.N. Goswami


Interactions between climate and air pollution and aerosols, and its implications for environmental change

S. Liu


From Global Climate Models to Earth System Models: Expected model improvements from AR4 to AR5

V. Ramaswamy


Session 2: Defining regional climate change: Requirements & ability to deliver


Regional/local climate change, the WG1 perspective

F. Zwiers


Regional/local climate change needs and requirements, the WGII perspective

K. Ebi


Regional/local climate projections: present ability and future plans

R. Jones


Use of regional/local climate information in impact assessment and adaptation work: present knowledge and future needs

T. Carter


Time and spatial scale needs for adaptation and mitigation studies, from decadal prediction to long term stabilization

R. Horton


Regional Climate Information needs for impact and adaptation work: Experiences from Asia

G. Srinivasan


Regional Climate Information needs for impact and adaptation work in South America

S.C. Chou


How do we best define and meet the regional climate information required. Making the demands and the ability to deliver meet and evolve together

C. Vera


Session 3: Generating and using regional/local climate information


Techniques for dynamical downscaling

M. Deque


Where and when should one hope to find added value from dynamical downscaling of GCM data

R. Laprise


Empirical statistical downscaling

B. Hewitson


What regionally-relevant climate change information will CMIP5 provide?

K. Taylor


Overview of Regional Climate Model evaluation activities at JPL

P. Lean


Discussion: Key focus: How do we improve, evaluate and where possible standardize downscaling techniques for use in impact/ adaptation work

D. Jacob


Session 4: Representing and dealing with uncertainties in regional climate projections/predictions


Deadling with uncertain climate information in adaptation to climate change

S. Dessai


Probabilistic climate prediction/projection from the decadal to the centennial time scale

J. Murphy


Use of probabilistic climate change information for impact and adaptation work

C. Goodess



C. Jones


Discussion Key focus: Uncertainties: their representation and presentation in impact/adaptation work

W. Gutowski

Session 4: Timescales of importance for climate information


Inter-annual to decadal climate prediction

M. Latif


Climate data and user demands, bridging the gap: Experience from seasonal forecasting

S. Zebiak


Detection and attribution on climate change at regional scales

P. Stott


Session 5: Key Information gaps and Research needs to close such gaps


Climate change and low lying states: Sea level, flooding and storms

A. Rahman


Extreme events in a changing climate

C. Schär


Monsoons and Climate Change

K. Kumar


The hydrological cycle in global or regional models : a challenge for climate physicists

F. Hourdin


AMMA: A European-African collaboration in understanding, observing and simulating the west African monsoon

J. Polcher


How to best make progress on closing the research gaps?

R. Laprise